Unistrut Fittings Used To Construct Garage Shelving: Case Study

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See How A Customer Used Unistrut Fittings To Build Shelves In Their Garagecustom shelf with unistrut fittings

We recently had a customer from Salt Lake City, Utah place an order for P2484 Unistrut 7-Hole 90° Angle Fitting for a custom shelving unit that they were installing in their garage. Using his previous experience as a contractor for manufacturing facilities, our customer was given the inspiration to create the shelving units after seeing the numerous applications for Unistrut Channel and Unistrut Fittings.

“Unistrut Channel is an amazingly versatile product and with a little bit of creativity, you can build or mount just about anything with it.”

The complete list of materials included:

  • (12) 90° Angle Unistrut Fittings
  • 10 ft lengths of 12 and 14 gauge Channel
  • Mounting nuts, bolts and fasteners
  • Shelving boards from a local home improvement store

With all the materials in hand, a quick sketch on the workbench and a few hand tools, our customer was able to build his custom garage shelves that met all of his storage needs in a few short hours. Along with the DIY garage shelves, our customer has also used Unistrut Channel and Unistrut Fittings to create a kitchen pot rack and a track-light support that hangs over his kitchen island. Some of the other Unistrut Fittings he used includ flat plate, u-shape, z-shape and wing shaped fittings.

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