Unistrut Brackets – Including the STRONGEST Strut Bracket in the Market!

Unistrut Brackets - Unistrut P2580 Heavy Duty Bracket

Unistrut Brackets are Manufactured in a Variety of Styles

Unistrut Brackets

Unistrut Brackets span a wide range of applications, including:

• Shelving
• Racking • Material Handling
• Cable Tray Supports
• Equipment Supports
• Pipe Support & much more

Cantilever style brackets, or brackets that attach at only one end, are typically mounted onto Unistrut channel, but can also be mounted directly to walls.

Unistrut Brackets - Unistrut P2580 Heavy Duty Bracket

Unistrut P2580: 35% STRONGER than Competing Brackets

Unistrut now boasts the highest capacity cantilevered strut bracket in the market. It is 35% stronger than competing brackets. The Unistrut P2580 is designed to hold heavier loads, increase the span between supports, and allow attachment on top and bottom, which results in significant material and labor cost savings.

All Unistrut Brackets are designed and engineered to provide maximum versatility across a broad spectrum of uses, and to provide an array of options for supporting loads ranging from light to heavy-duty. Each bracket style is typically offered in several different lengths to ensure proper fit for your design.

Unistrut Brackets

Brackets manufactured from 1/4″ flat bar (such as the Unistrut P1769, P1771, P1773, P1775 and P1777) are “L” shaped and can be vertically mounted to either Unistrut channel, or a wall, with the other arm of the bracket being used to hold shelving, or mounted to additional lengths of Unistrut channel.

Unistrut BracketsThere are “channel brackets” which incorporate horizontal lengths of channel (facing either up, down or both) into their designs; channel is welded to 1/4″ plate. Brackets are typically used for pipe and conduit support, but are also used as heavy-duty shelf brackets. (P2231-P2234, P2513-P2516, PP2542-P2546 & P2944-P2947)

Cable tray brackets” (P2547-P2551) are a combination style bracket: a modified version of the channel bracket, merging 1/4″ flat bar (as opposed to plate) and Unistrut channel. These are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with cable trays.

Unistrut Brackets

There are the P1075 and P1593 brackets which have tabs designed to secure a horizontal length of Unistrut channel in place.

Unistrut BracketsThere are also the P2491-P2500 series of “shelf brackets” which are essentially “L” brackets welded to a triangular piece of flat plate steel with a 90 degree bend merging into the shorter, horizontal side of the “L”; they are slotted on top to facilitate easy connection of shelving.

Unistrut Brackets

These brackets are directional; they must be purchased as ‘rights’ or ‘lefts’ and are usually in purchased in pairs.

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