Sikla Framo: Metal Framing That Performs Like a Welded System

Sikla Framo 80 Structural Steel Metal Framing System

Sikla Framo Performs Like a Welded System, Yet Installs With A single Screw

Sikla Framo 80’s unique design allows you to build an adjustable structural framing system, without the need for cutting or welding steel framing members. The modular nature of the Sikla Framo 80 system’s components makes it a highly versatile and maximally efficient system to use.

Sikla Framo Handles Greater Loads than Other Metal Framing Systems

Due to it’s the corrugated steel construction, Sikla’s Framo 80 channel lengths are able to bear larger loads than many of the lighter duty systems. One such system is Unistrut Metal Framing, which the Framo 80 metal framing system is compatible with. This adds even more versatility to an already robust system of metal framing channel and components.

Framo is also HCP coated for sustainable anti-corrosion when used in a variety of settings.

Stepless Adjustability with Framo 80 System Channel

Channel sections incorporate a unique system of slotted and round holes, allowing for connection at nearly any point, on all four sides, as well as adding an element of adjustability that other systems lack.

Sikla Framo Channel

Sikla Framo Uses Unique Thread-Forming Screw

The Framo 80 system uses a very effective, easy to install, thread-forming screw (no nut required) at all of its connection points, eliminating the need for any special tools, cutting or welding equipment. These self-locking, anti-vibration screws have a serrated head which helps prevent slippage, adding safety and security to the entire system.

Thread-forming screws displace the material around the pilot hole so that it flows around the screw’s threads. These screws are generally used when large stresses are needed to increase resistance to loosening. Because no material is removed, the mating part creates a fit with zero clearance. The Sikla FLS (thread-forming) screws does not require lock-washers, or other types of locking devices, to prevent loosening. The self-forming threads of the FLS screw create a vibration-resistant fastening that holds great loads and does not loosen.Sikla Framo Self Forming Screw

If you’re looking for a robust metal framing system, that performs  like structural steel, yet maintains all of the ease and adjustability of a typical metal framing system, check out Sikla Framo 80!


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