Fiberglass Unistrut: A Great Alternative to Metal Framing

fiberglass Unistrut

Unistrut Fiberglass Framing Provides a Robust Alternative to Traditional Metal Framing Systems

fiberglass UnistrutFiberglass Unistrut Framing is a fully engineered and complete system, composed of fiberglass strut (fiberglass channel), fiberglass fittings, and hardware. Components perfectly integrate with each other, thus providing a system of support comparable to Unistrut’s popular metal framing system.

Unistrut fiberglass framing enables users to build structural framing supports in areas where corrosive conditions exist, and a metal system would not be ideal. Designed as a modular, component-based system, fiberglass Unistrut allows users to build durable, effective, and long-term support structures. This is especially the case in areas where corrosion inhibits product lifespan and effective long term use of a metal framing support system.

Fiberglass Unistrut is the most widely used, nonmetallic strut support system in the world. Unistrut maintains the most complete, line of high quality, nonmetallic accessories, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps and channels available on the market today.

Fiberglass Unistrut is a versatile, high strength product and is therefore successfully used in thousands of applications worldwide.

Applications for Fiberglass Unistrut Include:

Waste Water Treatment
Chemical Plants
Pulp and Paper
Desalination Facilities
Theme Parks

Underground Vaults
Building Storage Racks
Pipe Supports
Solar Supports
Tank and Equipment Supports

Fiberglass Unistrut is manufactured from PVC, Polyester and Vinyl ester and, as a result, is very lightweight, yet also sturdy. Unistrut fiberglass supports provide just the right level of corrosion resistance and strength. Since fiberglass is composed entirely of nonmetallic, corrosion resistant resins, it is used in demanding environments, where steel strut systems traditionally fail.

Lightweight components install quickly and easily using standard tools. Fiberglass parts incorporate only the highest quality materials. Unistrut fiberglass systems provide superior chemical resistance, strength, flame resistance and ultraviolet protection.

fiberglass unistrut channel, parts & hardware

Use Fiberglass Strut with Fiberglass or Metal Parts!

Fiberglass channel is available in two different profiles, thus adding to the versatility of the Unistrut Fiberglass Framing System. Use fiberglass strut with either or metal parts and fittings, depending on your needs.

Unistrut fiberglass channel is available with these distinct flange styles:

  • The Standard Flange Profile accepts fiberglass hardware and parts
  • The SST Flange Profile accepts Unistrut steel hardware and parts

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