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Cush a Clamp Surpasses the Performance of Traditional Pipe Clamps

Cush a Clamp pipe clamps (strut clamps) Cush a Clamp, as the name implies, is a cushioned pipe clamp. The cushion insert, which traditional pipe clamps lack, dampens shock and vibration, as well as prevents galvanic corrosion. The insert is made out of thermoplastic elastomer, which helps to extend the life of your pipe support system. The highly durable plastic is also resistant to most chemicals, oils and industrial cleaning agents, in temperatures ranging from -50°F to 275°F.

Strut mounted Cush a Clamps are designed to be assembled and mounted to metal framing strut channel by one worker. The patented “Living Hinge” design allows for pipe and conduit to easily be inserted into the cushion, while maintaining a snug fit. Clamps are offered in both tube (outside diameter) and pipe (nominal) sizes from ¼” tube and pipe to 6-1/8” tube and 6” pipe.

Most commonly sold in electro-galvanized finish, the Cush a Clamp is also offered in type 304 stainless steel, and can also be manufactured in type 316 stainless steel.

See For Yourself How Easy It Is To Install Cush a Clamp!

Cush a Nator ZSI / Unistrut Pipe ClampsCush a Clamp is not your only option when it comes to cushioned strut clamps. Unistrut Buffalo offers a complete line of cushioned pipe clamps specifically designed for mounting to metal framing channel. Some of the Unistrut clamps that are available for purchase in our online store include the new Cush a Nator. Similar to the Cush a Clamp, the Cush a Nator includes a specialized rubber and plastic insert that is easier to grip, self aligning and  produces the highest operating temperature range in the industry.

Other offerings include:

  • Cush a Claw
  • Alpha Series (U-Bolts)
  • Omega (Pipe Straps)
  • Porce a Clamp (UL Listed)
  • Cush a Grip

We also offer a wide array of loop clamps as well as a complete line of un-cushioned pipe clamps and Unistrut clamps.








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