Corrosion Resistance Increases Unistrut Service Life

Unistrut Defender Corrosion Resistant Strut

Corrosion Resistance Stands Up To Harsh Environments

Providing a service life between Hot-Dip Galvanized and stainless steel systems, Unistrut’s Defender product line offers metal framing channel and hardware that stands up to harsh and corrosive environments. With three times more corrosion resistance than Hot-Dip Galvanized products, Unistrut Defender eliminates the need to constantly replace parts and allows you to avoid costly stainless steel hardware. The graph below shows the “Anticipated Service Life” of Unistrut Defender compared to traditional Hot-Dip Galvanized in a variety of different environments.

corrosion resistance

To prove just how tough Unistrut Defender really is, a salt spray test was conducted to test corrosion resistance and red rust accumulation. Two pipe clamps, one Hot-Dip Galvanized and one Unistrut Defender, underwent a salt spray for 3000 hours. At the end of the test, 5 of the 6 Unistrut Defender samples still had not reached the 5% red rust failure criteria. The Hot-Dip Galvanized samples, on the other hand, reached the 5% red rust levels after 898 hours. The pictures below lay out the salt spray test time line, showing the corrosion resistance and durability of Unistrut Defender.

corrosion resistance

Unistrut Defender not only offers high corrosion resistance, but the channel and hardware in the product line also has a unique “self-healing” property. If the product is cut or scratched in the field, the finish will propagate into those areas, eliminating the need for secondary touch-ups. This adds to the sense of confidence that the material will provide long lasting corrosion resistance in the field.

Why Choose Unistrut Defender?

  • Structural performance, including Slip and Pull-Out Loads, meets all Allowable Loads as specified in the Unistrut General Engineering catalog for carbon steel
  • High corrosion resistance in harsh and corrosive environments
  • 3x the service life and performance of Hot-Dip Galvanized products
  • Avoids costly stainless steel hardware
  • Self-healing properties eliminate the need to replace parts over time
  • Significant cost savings

**To achieve full performance and cost benefits, Unistrut Defender must be used as a complete metal framing system. In addition, Unistrut Defender should not be placed in contact with stainless steel materials due to a dissimilar metals condition that will create galvanic corrosion.

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