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Unistrut Metal Framing and supporting products from the World’s Longest Running Independent Unistrut Distributor: Unistrut Buffalo.

  • Genuine Unistrut Channel, Unistrut Clamps, Unistrut Brackets, Unistrut Parts & Fittings, & Unistrut Hardware. Shipped all over the US
  • Telespar Square Tubing
  • Lindapter Steel Connections, including Hollobolt
  • Telestrut
  • Fiberglass Framing
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum channel
  • Sikla Framo Heavy Duty Structural Metal Framing
  • and much more

Food Grade Strut: Your #1 Sanitary Mounting Solution

Food Grade Strut Stainless Steel Mounting Soultions for Food Processing Industry

Food Grade Strut for Prevention of Food Contamination Food Grade Strut was developed after food processing plants and commercial kitchens demanded a better, more sanitary, easier to clean solution to mount pipe and conduit on. Traditional methods for mounting included inferior materials and/or design, which led to increased instances of food contamination, fines and even shut…

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Lindapter Steel-to-Steel Connections Without Welding

Lindapter Hollo-Bolt

Lindapter Weldless Steel Connections Lindapter has been a leading innovator of steel connections since their inception, in 1934, when engineer Henry Lindsay invented the revolutionary ‘Lindsay Bolt Adapter’. The combination of the two words ‘Lindsay’ and ‘Adapter’ are what gave rise to the company’s name ‘Lindapter’. Lindapter’s steel-to-steel solutions eliminate the the need to drill…

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Unistrut Flat Plate Fittings for Channel Splicing

Unistrut Flat Plate Fittings

Flat Plate Fittings are primarily used to join sections of Unistrut Channel together Within the Unistrut Metal Framing System there are many different categories of parts, each with their own function, this week we’ll discuss Unistrut Flat Plate Fittings.  You may have heard Unistrut flat plate fittings referred to as ‘Splice Plates’. That is because…

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For the Love of Strut: Valentine’s Sale on Unistrut Trolleys

Valentine's Sale on Unistrut Trolleys

Valentine’s Sale on Unistrut Trolleys Limited Time Promo Code – take 20% off already low online store prices: Unistrut Trolleys & Trolley Track Hangers! Unistrut Buffalo Supports: The World’s Longest Running Unistrut Distributor.          

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Unistrut Trolley: A Better Approach to Overhead Mobility

Unistrut Trolley Assemblies

The Unistrut Trolley System provides greater efficiency, better economy and easier installation What is the Unistrut Trolley System? Composed of only three basic elements: trolleys, trolley track and trolley track hangers, Unistrut Trolley Assemblies are an easy to install, cost effective system for a variety of overhead mobility applications, including: Barn doors Sliding/panel doors Gas line…

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Telestrut: Unistrut’s Solution for Telescoping Metal Framing

Unistrut Telestrut Metal Framing

Telestrut Telescoping Metal Framing is where Unistrut Channel meets Perforated Square Tubing, creating a diverse solution that combines the best elements of both Telestrut supports are an engineered system of integrated telescopic tubular parts and fittings enabling users to build structural supports with adjustability. It is designed to make adjustment, reinforcement and splicing fast and…

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