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Unistrut Metal Framing and supporting products from the World’s Longest Running Independent Unistrut Distributor: Unistrut Buffalo.

  • Genuine Unistrut Channel, Unistrut Clamps, Unistrut Brackets, Unistrut Parts & Fittings, & Unistrut Hardware. Shipped all over the US
  • Telespar Square Tubing
  • Lindapter Steel Connections, including Hollobolt
  • Telestrut
  • Fiberglass Framing
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum channel
  • Sikla Framo Heavy Duty Structural Metal Framing
  • and much more

Special Metals: When & Why You’d Use These Styles of Unistrut

Unistrut is Available in Special Metals: Stainless Steel and Aluminum! Unistrut channel is offered in a variety of finishes, with a variety of hole styles and in a variety of lengths and gauges, but did you know that we also carry special metals? Aside from the standard Unistrut, you can also get channels that are…

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Fiberglass Unistrut: A Great Alternative to Metal Framing

fiberglass Unistrut

Unistrut Fiberglass Framing Provides a Robust Alternative to Traditional Metal Framing Systems Fiberglass Unistrut Framing is a fully engineered and complete system, composed of fiberglass strut (fiberglass channel), fiberglass fittings, and hardware. Components perfectly integrate with each other, thus providing a system of support comparable to Unistrut’s popular metal framing system. Unistrut fiberglass framing enables users to…

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Steel Grating & Bar Grating Fabrication Services Now Offered

steel grating, bar grating, stainless steel grating, steel grate, steel bar grating, steel floor grating, aluminum bar grating

Steel Grating Is Now Being Stocked in Our Warehouse! Until recently, steel bar grating was not a product that we offered, even though we have been selling a complete line of metal safety grating and anti-slip flooring for several decades. However, we are very pleased to announce that we are now distributors of Nucor Bar…

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Safety Grating Provides the Perfect Anti-Slip Floor Surface

Metal Safety Grating

Metal Safety Grating is ‘Grate’ for Walkways, Stairs and Flooring! Use Safety Grating for commercial indoor and outdoor applications where anti-slip surfaces are needed to improve safety, prevent slip and fall injuries for workers and other foot traffic, and reduce liability. Key Benefits of Metal Safety Grating Reduces the Risk of Injury from Slips & Falls…

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Unistrut Brackets – Including the STRONGEST Strut Bracket in the Market!

Unistrut Brackets - Unistrut P2580 Heavy Duty Bracket

Unistrut Brackets are Manufactured in a Variety of Styles Unistrut Brackets span a wide range of applications, including: • Shelving • Racking • Material Handling • Cable Tray Supports • Equipment Supports • Pipe Support & much more Cantilever style brackets, or brackets that attach at only one end, are typically mounted onto Unistrut channel, but…

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Sikla Framo: Metal Framing That Performs Like a Welded System

Sikla Framo 80 Structural Steel Metal Framing System

Sikla Framo Performs Like a Welded System, Yet Installs With A single Screw Sikla Framo 80’s unique design allows you to build an adjustable structural framing system, without the need for cutting or welding steel framing members. The modular nature of the Sikla Framo 80 system’s components makes it a highly versatile and maximally efficient system…

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The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of the Unistrut Spring Nut

Unistrut Spring Nut

The Spring Nut is a Key Component of the Unistrut Metal Framing System The spring nut is very often overlooked. When most people think of metal framing systems, they tend to only think about the Unistrut channel and the Unistrut fittings. Despite that fact, Unistrut hardware is an integral part of the core functionality of…

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Cush a Clamp Unistrut Cushion Clamp

cush a clamp pipe clamps

Cush a Clamp Surpasses the Performance of Traditional Pipe Clamps Cush a Clamp, as the name implies, is a cushioned pipe clamp. The cushion insert, which traditional pipe clamps lack, dampens shock and vibration, as well as prevents galvanic corrosion. The insert is made out of thermoplastic elastomer, which helps to extend the life of…

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Telespar® Square Tubing: Beyond Sign Posts

Telespar Square Tube

Square Tubing Isn’t Just For Sign Posts There are many uses for square steel tubing beyond the traffic safety industry. In fact, when the original makers of Telespar® square tubing (Unistrut Corporation) began manufacturing it, in 1964, there wasn’t even a market for square tube to be utilized in sign post applications. Back then, there…

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Unistrut Channel: Selecting the Right Strut for Your Application

Unistrut Channel, Unistrut P1000 Channel

Choosing the right Unistrut channel for your job doesn’t have to be a chore When selecting Unistrut Channel for your project, there are a few things you’ll want to consider in order to make sure you’re getting the correct one for your application. Below we’ll let you know exactly what to think about and then…

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